Hey there! I’m Madeline, a graphic designer currently residing in Orlando, USA.

Lately, I’ve been designing environmental graphics and props for theme parks and graphic props for film & television!




Prop Design: The Catcher in the Rye

Props designed for Holden Caulfield, an angsty teen exploring 1950’s New York City after being expelled from his preparatory school in J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye.

Featured props include:

Holden’s cigarettes in his pocket
Holden’s train ticket from his school to NYC
The expulsion letter sent to Holden’s parents
Holden’s preparatory school notebook
An address found in Holden’s wallet

Behind the Seen: Dissertation Publication

The publication of my dissertation as a DVD Boxset.

My dissertation focuses on the contrasting representation of women in the top 3 films directed & written by women of 2022 versus the top 3 films directed & written by men of 2022, ultimately highlighting the importance of including women in high-level positions both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. 

The goal of presenting my dissertation in this alternate form was to make the information more readable, accessible and inviting.

I decided to publish my dissertation through an outdated form of technology (a DVD Boxset) to convey the outdated nature of the progression of inclusion of women in decision-making roles in the film industry.


An interactive game intended to spark conversations about inclusivity in the workplace.

Prop Design: Of Mice and Men

Props designed for Lennie Small, a sweet-natured, innocent migrant worker in rural California amidst the Great Depression in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.

Featured props include:

Lennie’s bus ticket 
Glass vials found in Lennie’s bunkhouse
Soap found in the bunkhouse bathroom
Lennie’s WPA Work Card

Reframe: Branding Concept

Under the mentorship of Michael Johnson, founder of London based design studio Johnson Banks, I decided to rebrand the Californian non-profit “Kids in the Spotlight”.

“Kids in the Spotlight” aims to teach and empower youth in the foster care system to tell their story, their way through the power of filmmaking. While their mission and work is great, their visual identity is lacking in cohesion and narrative, deterring potential philanthropists and volunteers.

I decided to pivot and focus more on sharing the youths’ stories, creating more opportunity for empathy and relatability. I created branding for a film festival featuring the youths’ films, including tickets, promotional posters, a festival website and youth business cards. 

Undance: A Collaboration with Studio Wayne McGregor

In collaboration with Studio Wayne McGregor, a London based and world-renowned dance company, Daisy Jones, Izzi Kelly, and Élise Mower, I created this interpretation of “Undance”, an abstract dance that explores time, space, randomization, and pushes the boundaries of traditional dance. 

The concept behind this project was that because there are so many layers to the piece, every angle or direction it was viewed at would give a new perspective or experience that we, the designers, had little control over, much like Wayne McGregor randomizes his choreography and dance patterns.

Teacherly: Visual Identity Concept

A web-based platform to support teachers in cultivating a welcoming learning environment for all students.

The idea is that this website would be a starting point for teachers to share research, questions, tips, and guides on managing classroom behavior so that classroom disruptions, and therefore school exclusions, would happen less often.

Prop Design: Bob’s Burgers

Props designed for Tina Belcher, an awkward, boy-crazy teen in modern day New Jersey in FX’s Bob’s Burgers.

Featured props include:

Tickets to Wonder Wharf, Tina’s favorite hangout spot
Tina’s 8th grade report card
Tina’s server book found in her apron
Tina’s diary where she fantasizes about boys (+ zombies)
Receipts from Tina’s family’s restaurant

Tree of Codes: A Collaboration with Studio Wayne McGregor

An interpretation of Studio Wayne McGregor’s “Tree of Codes” dance. a film documenting the process of making a live cyanotype. We performed small movements mimicking those similar to the ones performed by dancers in “Tree of Codes” while lying on the sheet as the sun exposed our movements.